Learning Update

Math: We continued to study shapes during math this week. We learned that shapes can be divided into halves or fourths. It’s important to know how to make equal shares when we are sharing an object like pizza, a cookie or a granola bar with a friend. We also combined triangles, rectangles and squares to form new shapes. Later in the week, we learned the attributes of 3-dimensional shapes and how to combine them to make new shapes. 

Writing: This week, we chose our favorite nonfiction book to fix and fancy. We made sure that this book had all of the important elements, checked for capitals and periods, and colored our pictures. On Friday, we celebrated our nonfiction writing with an All About Book Museum. We took turns being visitors and experts, learning about one another’s topics. Afterwards, we read our favorite page to the whole class, made speeches about our growth as writers, and cheered our successes with a fruit punch toast. 

Reading: During reading workshop, we are working with our partners to learn about characters in a series. We’ve practiced reading with expression, especially when our characters show big feelings. Next week we will look for important moments when our characters change. We will wrap up our take home book program soon so make sure that your first grader continues to read at home!

Praying Mantis Delivery

On Wednesday, our class received a special delivery… a praying mantis egg case! We are studying animal life cycles and have learned about birds and insects so far. In a few weeks, we could have about 100 nymphs emerge! (Don’t worry, they will be contained in a special mantis house.) 🙂 After they hatch, we plan on releasing them in the wetlands by our school. We are looking forward to seeing these interesting insects soon! For more information about the praying mantis, follow this link: Praying Mantis – National Geographic.

Learning Update

Writing: Our class has been hard at work on writing informational books. We’ve chosen to write about a wide variety of topics that reflect our expertise such as; soccer, Michigan, frogs, dogs, our friends, and lots more. We have focused on writing strong introductions and conclusions and have also composed topic sentences on our fact pages. We have also learned to add teaching in our pictures using captions, labels, and diagrams. These writers are really filling up their pages with great informative details!

Reading: We have extended our reading and thinking by using fiction and nonfiction books to learn about a topic. Some of our topics are Cats, Seasons, Presidents, Weather, and Dinosaurs. We’ve become critical thinkers in learning how to distinguish fact from fantasy. However, we’ve also found “fact nuggets” or real facts hiding in our fiction books. Throughout this unit, our reading partners have been important as we discuss and share our thinking.

Math: We are really having fun with our latest math unit on measurement, time, and shapes. So far, our class has learned how to tell time to the hour and half hour. Next week, we will learn more about shapes and how to divide them into equal shares or parts. 

Buddy Readers

This morning we got to be the mystery readers in Mrs. Stutz’s kindergarten room. After practicing our books, we crept next door and surprised them with our smiling faces. We read our books with our best reading voices and then listened as they read to us. We even got to show the kindergarteners around our room. We had a fabulous time!