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General Information

To keep you in the loop with classroom events, please make sure that you have subscribed to our blog. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to email me or stop by our classroom. Second grade is going to be a fantastic adventure and you are a key part of your child’s success!

Blue Homework Folder

Your second grader will have a blue homework folder that will come home every day. This folder will contain notes from the school office and and your child’s work from the classroom. The blue folders should be emptied and returned to school every day. You may also use the folder to send any important notes to school. Your second grader is responsible for taking care of any papers inside. This is a great way to build independence!!

Special Classes

When the school year begins, look for a specials schedule on our blog calendar. This will help you stay informed as to whether your child has gym, art, STEAM or music. Please remember that your second grader has to keep a pair of gym shoes at school for gym.

Classroom Rules

Learning through experience and getting along with others are important parts of second grade. My belief is that mistakes can be powerful opportunities to grow. Our classroom motto is Be Kind and we practice and discuss this every day throughout the school year. Positive behavior is rewarded with pennies which kids can spend at our monthly class store. To keep you informed, I will share updates on your child throughout the year.

Healthy Peanut-Free Snacks

We currently have students in second grade with food allergies so we need to keep our learning spaces peanut-free. There is also research indicating the negative effects of refined sugar on young, growing bodies. Please read the labels on your food and choose items where sugar is listed as the 5th ingredient or even further down the list. Best snack foods include: applesauce, fruit, vegetables, yogurt, tortilla chips, pretzels, popcorn, raisins, crackers, bagel chips, and granola bars. More Healthy Snack Ideas


We love celebrating birthdays! In second grade, it’s up to each child if he/she would like to donate a book to our classroom library or provide little gifts (ie: Dollar Store Trinkets) for the class. This is completely optional! Because of food allergies, we can’t have birthday treats. For children with summer birthdays, we will have a celebration on their half birthday.

Super Kid

Each child has the opportunity to be the Super Kid in our class for a week. In September, I will send home a special paper for each child to complete and return to school. Each week we chose a new Super Kid. This child gets a special spot in line and has lunch with me and a friend on Wednesday. At the end of the week, the Super Kid shares his/her special poster with the class.

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are always welcome in our class. In fact… we love them! YOU are a key part of our class family. However, current COVID guidelines do not allow visitors in the building right now. As soon as this changes, I will let you know. Thanks for your patience!

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