Summer Reading Goals

It is extremely important that your first grader (soon to be second grader) reads consistently over the summer. There are 95 days of summer vacation before school starts again. (Yes, I did count the days.) Research has found that children who do not read can lose up to three months of reading achievement! The solution to this problem is simple… have your child set a goal of reading 20 minutes a day. This reading can be on Raz-Kids (this will still be available!), library books, books in your house, or even books online (Storyline Online is a great site). Establish this on the very first day of summer and be consistent. 

To help your child stick to his/her goal, use the two sided reading goal paper that will come home this week. Save this paper and attach it to your refrigerator or important message place. Use the chart side for keeping track of reading minutes (20 minutes/day). The other side has some great second grade books that your child will love reading. You can find these books at most libraries and bookstores. Just in case your paper gets lost, you can download another copy here (Summer Reading Goal, Summer Reading List).

Happy reading!!