Take Home Books

We have started our Take Home Book Program! Today, your first grader brought home a just right book to read to you. This book should be easy to read with very few tricky words. This practice of reading just right books is essential for building confidence and excitement about reading. For more tips on how to support your child, look for the Reading at Home paper in the take home bag. Keep this resource handy whenever you read with your child. On the back of the paper are animal strategies for solving tricky words. We will be reintroducing these in the next few weeks. These fun strategies were taught in kindergarten so your child may remember them.

After your child reads these take home books once or twice to you, please help him/her remember to return the books to school in the take home baggie. This is a great way for your first grader to learn responsibility!


A Reason to Read

We have officially entered the busy season! With the time change, spring sports begin, bikes are brought out of storage, and life just gets busier. However, now more than ever, it is important that you set aside time for your child to read every night. Here is an interesting comparison that shows how those daily reading minutes can result in valuable learning. Please help make reading a priority for your child.


Book Box Alert!

photolaneyDo you know where your child’s book box is? This book box is an important part of our reading program because it provides a safe place to store just right books for your child. By now, your child has brought home 5-10 books from our reading class. In order to keep your child engaged in reading at home, these books can be part of your home library. This week, many students will be bringing home a new book to add to their collection. Students’ homework is to read this book to at least 2 people in their family and then put the book in their book box. If you can’t find the book box, that’s ok! Just use another box and establish this important habit of reading.

Welcome Back!

animated_ricky_V2As we begin school, I will be checking in with my former reading students. Based on the results of formal assessments, students may qualify for additional reading support. I will contact families regarding this support by the end of September.

In the meantime, you can prepare your child for these busy first weeks by establishing a consistent reading time at home. You can vary this time by having your child read to you or by reading to your child. Remember to have your child read books that are at a “just right” level. “Just right books” can be read easily, with fewer than 5 tricky words per page. Also check to make sure that your child understands the progression of the story. When reading at home, it is better to choose a book that is easier than harder for your child. so that reading time is fun and builds reading confidence. These practices will help to raise a child who chooses to read not just for school, but for enjoyment.

I look forward to checking in with my reading students! If you have any questions, please contact me at school.

Reassessment Time

Students are starting to make some great gains in their reading and it is time for me to reassess! Next week, I will not meet with students in their groups. Instead, I will see each child individually to check their reading growth. I will assess their decoding (reading words accurately), their use of varied strategies when they encounter unknown words, and their comprehension as they retell story details. This assessment information will help to guide my reading instruction. I am looking forward to this one-on-one time with my students! You are welcome to email me if you would like more information on your child’s progress.

In the meantime, please continue to encourage your child’s reading at home. Library books, WEB books, and Raz-Kids are all great options for daily reading practice. Thank you so much for your valuable help at home. You are an important part of your child’s continued success.

Have fun reading!