Online Practice

With so many great educational websites available, it can be hard to choose the best ones for your first grader. Knowing how busy families can be, I recommend that you focus on two great websites, MOBYMAX and Raz-Kids. Through our very generous Parent Club, we have subscriptions for these websites which allow for individualized math and reading practice on a mobile device or on a home computer. MOBYMAX is great for fact fluency practice, just 5 minutes a night will provide the necessary review. Raz-Kids is perfect for weekends or vacations… or for those nights that your first grader forgot his/her take home book :). This website provides access to lots of books at your child’s level. As the books become more challenging, so do the quiz questions! Make sure that you are monitoring your child’s progress as he/she takes quizzes.

Online practice is fun and does provide great targeted skill practice, but should not replace that valuable one on one time that you spend reading or doing math together. Learning side by side is priceless and that is what your child will remember the most!

The Week Ahead

Happy New Year! As we transition back to school next week, please make sure that your child is dressed for the weather. It looks like we have some cold days ahead.

January 5 – Library: Remember your library book.

January 6 & 7 – Jet’s Pizza Night

January 7 – Computers

January 9 – Popcorn Day

This first week back will be tiring for your first grader so an early bedtime is essential. On Monday morning, please make sure that your child has a clean, full water bottle, a morning and an afternoon snack, and his/her blue folder.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Raz-Kids over break, have your child visit this site today! This is a wonderful way to practice reading skills. Recently, the class learned how to use the recording feature after listening and reading a book. The recordings are saved and I can listen to them through my teacher account. If you have parent access, you can also listen to these recordings. Email me if you would like to sign up for this access.

Summer Maintenance

Here are three ways that you can help your child maintain reading skills this summer. Print

1. Private one-on-one tutoring

This is an excellent way to help your child practice skills that have been learned this year. These teachers are providing private tutoring. Contact them soon, so that you have this support in place for the summer.

2. Open Library at Georgetown School

Our school library will be open on Tuesdays throughout June and July (10:00-12:00). We will have leveled books available as well as regular library books. Classroom teachers will be there to help your child find some great books.


This online reading website will be available for your child to use throughout the summer. This program, paid for by our wonderful Parent Club, provides leveled books that your child can listen to and read. There are also online rewards that your child can earn by completing comprehension quizzes on books that have been read.

Encourage your child to read every day. Continuous practice grows confident readers!!!

Snow Day Reading!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we have another snow day. To encourage some warm reading on this cold day, I have an incentive for my students. Email me a picture of your child reading today and I will add 200 stars to his/her Raz-Kids account!! Taking time to read every day is necessary for developing strong readers. Enjoy this day off and happy reading!

My email is


Happy New Year! I am excited that 2014 is underway and students are ready to read. This week, I wanted to highlight the options that the Raz-Kids website provides. Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 1.56.18 PMFirst, Raz-Kids has a free app that works on tablets (iPad, Android 2.2, and Kindle Fire) and allows your child to read just right books anywhere! On the mobile site, your child can listen to books, read books and take quizzes. Your child can earn stars to use for outfitting his/her Raz-Rocket and Robot. To spend the stars, students must be on the full desktop version.

The second Raz-Kids option is for parents. See which books your child has been reading, send them messages, and review all their activity with the Parent Access area. Simply log in as your student, click the “Parents” link in the top right, and register yourself with an email address. This is a great way for you to stay informed on your child’s progress!

*Please note that the reading levels on Raz-Kids do not always correspond with our classroom reading levels. We determine your child’s reading level with specific one-on-one reading assessments which evaluate accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.