Conference Schedule

I look forward to seeing you at parent/teacher conferences in order to share information about your child’s great progress! I will be joining your conference scheduled with the classroom teacher. We will discuss your child’s reading achievements, areas for growth, and our plan for continued success through the rest of the year and the summer. Please come to our conference with any questions you might have about your child’s reading. Here is my schedule, see you this week 🙂

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March Conferences

assessment_cycleTo prepare for conferences, I will be assessing all of my reading students one-on-one. I will check their accuracy (reading the words correctly), their independent use of strategies when they encounter tricky words, their fluency (smooth reading), and their comprehension (understanding of the story). Reading uses many different skills!

I look forward to sharing students’ progress during parent/teacher conferences, March 3-5. Just as we did in the fall, I will join you when you meet with your child’s classroom teacher. If you have any questions about your child’s reading, please jot them down so that we can discuss them together.

Since we won’t have our reading groups this week, please make sure that your child is reading every night at home. Making time for your child to read is so important.