Million Words Club!

If your child has ever dreamed of being a millionaire, now is their chance! Every student has the opportunity to become a member of this club if they read 1,000,000 words (or more) this year.

Mrs. VandenBerg, our librarian, keeps a tally of your books read on Reading Counts and Book Blogs. The word count keep growing as long as you keep turning in your book lists, completing book blogs and/or completing Reading Counts quizzes. You can also track the books you read at home on this document (just print at home and write down your books). We celebrate the millionaires at the end of each school year. Find out about past millionaires by searching our blog with the key word “millionaires”.

As a member of the MILLION WORDS CLUB, all members will have their name on the MILLIONAIRE BOARD (display case in our rotunda) and receive gift cards to BARNES and NOBLE. How do you log your words? It’s as easy as this:

  1. READING COUNTS QUIZZES: Each time you complete a Reading Counts quiz, you get credit for all those words. Mrs. Vandenberg keeps track of the word count for you.
  2. BOOK SHOUT OUT… If you aren’t a fan of the quizzes, write about your book and do a SHOUT OUT to encourage others to read the book.
  3. MILLION WORD CLUB BOOK LIST: If you don’t like READING COUNTS QUIZZES, but you LOVE to read, you can still work on becoming a MILLIONAIRE.  Keep track of ALL the books you read at home (and on vacation) print this form: Million Word Club History – PDF.

Quick link for word counting here: WORD COUNT LINK

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