Rainbow Chart

In Room 113, we use a Rainbow Chart to monitor class and individual behavior throughout the day. Each child has their own mini Rainbow Chart to track his/her behavior choices and we have a class chart to track our whole class behavior choices. Every student starts on green (Ready to Learn) every day. He/she will clip up or down depending on behavior choices made throughout the day. To see how your child ended the day, check the rainbow chart on the right side of your child’s Daily News.

Ending the day on green, blue, purple, or pink shows that your child made excellent choices that day. Yellow, orange, or red indicates that your child needs to work on making better choices. The rainbow chart is a great way to stay in touch with how your child is behaving at school. After you check your child’s blue folder, please sign the Parent Signature box on his/her Daily News.

To learn more about our positive behavior plan, follow this link posted on our First Grade Information Page. First Grade Behavior.


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