First Day Reminders

Before our exciting first day, here are three important reminders…

Blue Folders – Please send the blue homework folder (received at Open House) back to school on Tuesday. You can place all of your child’s important papers inside and I will make sure that they are delivered to the correct locations. This folder will be used to transport important notes and homework every day. Please help your child empty this folder each night and look through the papers together. You can use the blue folder to send lunch money or notes about transportation changes. **If your child has an appointment at any time during the year and will be arriving late or leaving early, please email me beforehand or send a note to school. 

Lunch Choice – Please discuss your child’s lunch choice together each morning before he/she comes to school. Your child can choose either the Blue or White lunch (Sept. Lunch Menu) or he/she can bring a lunch from home. Milk can also be purchased to go with a packed lunch. Choosing lunch is always our first task of the morning and your support at home helps your child to be quick and confident when making this choice at school.

Water Bottle and Snacks – Please make sure to send two healthy nut free snacks and a filled water bottle (no juice please) to keep your first grader fueled every day. Morning and afternoon snacks are essential for maintaining energy and attention. Please do not send candy or sugary snacks. High sugar foods cause an energy crash that makes learning difficult. If your child ever forgets a snack, we have a great supply of graham crackers! For more information on snack ideas, you can click the Healthy Snack link found on our First Grade Information page.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing those wonderful first graders on Tuesday. 🙂

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