Saying Goodbye!

What a wonderful day it was. These are 24 of the MOST AMAZING second graders ever! They have become “my kids” and have a permanent place in my heart. They have all learned and grown so much this year. Not only have they learned three digit addition and how to write catchy leads, but these kids have grown in self confidence and in their respect for others. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts and notes. I feel blessed to be a part of this special Georgetown School community. Have a wonderful summer!!

Toby Is A Winner!

We would like to congratulate Toby, who is our class winner for Reading Counts. Toby won a Target gift card!! I am so proud of all the kids and their amazing reading progress this year. Just remember to keep your child reading this summer. Look for a book list and summer reading bingo incentive that was sent home yesterday. Make a plan soon for keeping your child engaged in learning throughout the summer. Happy reading!


Learning Update

This week we will begin our final unit as we learn how to write a research report. We will study how informational authors gather facts, keep track of their learning and restate information in their own words.  
We have begun a study of equal parts and fractions… YAY! Children will be dividing shapes into equal parts and using language such as “2 out of 4 shaded parts”. We will also explore arrays (rows and columns of objects) to prepare for repeated addition (the foundation of multiplication!).
Our readers will be studying nonfiction texts and leaving thinking tracks as they read. Being able to restate learning in their own words has a huge impact on students’ comprehension. We will also discuss how authors teach readers about their topics, using text features and other special text elements. 

Save Rapunzel!

The class had such a great time engineering a safe way for Rapunzel to escape her tower. Check out these creative ideas!