In our classroom, we use a great management program called ClassDojo. This is a web based tool that allows teachers to give students immediate feedback on their behavior. ClassDojo encourages students to work together and make smart choices. Students are given positive points for behaviors such as being on task, being kind, participating, or working hard. Points can also be taken away if students are off task, blurting, or distracting others. When students earn points they also earn pennies. At the end of every month, students can use their pennies to purchase items at our class store. 

To help you stay informed about your child’s behavior, you will receive an email report from ClassDojo every Friday. You can also check your child’s progress at any time through your personal account.

I will frequently post classroom news, videos and pictures on ClassDojo through Class Stories. This is a great way for you to see what’s going on in our classroom.

It’s very easy to get started… just get the free ClassDojo app, sign up as a Parent and enter your Parent Code (given at the beginning of the year). You can also sign up at For more information go to

Thanks for joining our classroom community and for encouraging your second grader!