Math Update

Our second graders will be using various strategies including proof drawings, show all totals and new groups above/below to solve three digit equations. Kids will experiment with the strategies and discover which strategy works best for them. Our main focus is on explaining the steps that we take to solve an equation. 

Art Show & Culver’s Night

Mark your calendars because on April 24th we will have two special events. The Georgetown Art Show will be 5:30-7:00 pm at the Hudsonville City Council and we will have a special school night at Culver’s (Jenison location) from 5-8:00 pm. I will be there as a Culver’s food runner from 5-5:30 pm. I also plan on stopping by the art show that evening to see our wonderful student artwork. I would love to see my amazing 2nd graders so I hope that your family can come to these fun events! 🙂

March is Reading Month 2018

We had such a great time this month celebrating reading! Along with enjoying some wonderful books with our Mystery Readers, we made a class bracket for March Book Madness. The Bad Guys series had a very close win over Dog Man!

We wrapped up this fun month with our Read-a-Thon. Our class snuggled up in their blankets, read fairy tales, did a room swap with Ms. Yankee’s class, read under tables and around the room, munched on great snacks, and watched a play performed by the second grade teachers. It was a really wonderful day. Thanks for helping to grow this special group of readers!

Learning Update

This week the students will use their best persuasive language and write a review about a book, movie, video game, restaurant or popular place. The focus of the review is to support their opinion with many reasons and examples. They are so excited to be reviewers!
We are wrapping up Unit 4 by reviewing strategies for solving 2 step word problems and counting money. We will have an assessment on Wednesday that covers word problems, three digit subtraction and counting money. The homework for this week will have some one and two step word problems to practice.
The classroom is buzzing with poetry! The children enjoy listening to poetry and they are creating some of their own poems. This week we will be learning about how to make poems moody and how to stretch out comparisons.