First Day Reminders

Thank you for coming to our Open House last week! Before our exciting first day, here are some important reminders…

Student Information Forms – Please send the student information forms (received at Open House) back to school on Monday. Double check to make sure that your contact information is correct for our files.

Me Bags – At Open House, your child also received a Me Bag. We will enjoy sharing these bags during the first week as we get to know one another. Please make sure that your child’s name is on his/her bag before sending it to school on Monday.

Water Bottle and Snacks – Your child should bring two healthy nut-free snacks and a filled water bottle (no juice please) to stay fueled every day. Water bottles should be labeled with your child’s first and last name. Morning and afternoon snacks are essential for maintaining energy and attention. Please do not send candy or sugary snacks. High sugar foods cause an energy crash that makes learning difficult. If your child ever forgets a snack, we have a great supply of graham crackers (thanks to your donations!). For more information on snack ideas, you can check this Nut Free Snack List.

Morning Arrival – Students should go right to the 2/3 playground when they arrive at school. They will have a few minutes to play before the bell rings. Please remember that students dropped off need to walk around the school to the playground. They should look for the sign that says Mrs. Bast by the 2/3. This is where we will line up every day.

**Finally, with the start of a new school year many students experience some anxiety. This is very normal! The excellent blog post below lists practical strategies to help children through stressful moments. Above all, reassure your child that second grade will be the best year ever! Looking forward to seeing those wonderful second graders on Monday. 🙂

13 Powerful Phrases Proven to Help an Anxious Child Calm Down   


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