Learning Update

On Monday, we will share our realistic fiction stories with the kindergarteners (our make up from the snow day). Our next unit will focus on opinion writing through the structure of reviews. We will be studying different types of reviews including app reviews, restaurant reviews, movie reviews and others. Looking forward to creating a class review together.
Our focus this week is word problems and digging into the action of word problems. Children will also learn a new strategy, the adding up method, to solve for an unknown partner with 2 digit numbers.
This week we will venture into poetry. This is a fun unit! We will not only be reading poetry but also writing it.   
Word Study/Spelling
Look for this week’s spelling words in the Homework Packet. We have been studying long vowel patterns and this week we will continue with long i and short i words.  Our word study focus is for children to recognize patterns in order to become better spellers and readers.

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