Goals for Reading

j0439558Learning gains occur when there is a specific area on which to focus. This week, readers will approach their reading with a targeted reading goal. These reading goals are based on strengthening accuracy (reading the words correctly) or comprehension (remembering the story). As readers, there are certain aspects of reading that we do well and others that can be improved. Increasing awareness of these areas can help students take ownership of their reading skills. Students’ reading goals are posted on bookmarks which are used whenever they are reading books. Some readers are targeting strategies to help them read more accurately. Their goal might be to watch out for the middles or ends of words or to reread when the story doesn’t make sense. Other students who are already accurate readers might have a comprehension goal, remembering the who and the what after reading. Students are encouraged to focus on their goal in the regular classroom and at home. This week, ask your child about his/her reading goal.

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