Hearts & Friends

On Friday, we had a special visitor for National Heart Month. Mrs. Burri, Kai’s mom, taught us about our hearts and staying healthy. We learned about the amazing way our hearts and lungs work and how important it is to take care of our bodies and our friends. Thanks, Mrs. Burri!

Learning Update

Writing: After finishing up our wonderful How To writing last week,  we are hard at work on small moment stories again. We are studying some of our favorite authors to learn how to make our stories even better. We’ve learned to choose story topics that have big feelings such as: getting lost, getting a wonderful surprise, losing a favorite toy, going exploring, and more. Our stories are now 4 pages long and we are learning how to fill the extra lines with great details.

Reading: Now that we are getting to be such good readers, we are learning how to fix our reading mistakes all by ourselves. We can stretch words carefully, reread the sentence or page, think about what makes sense, and check the pictures for help. We know that good readers use more than one strategy and we keep trying until we figure out tricky parts.

Math: We started Unit 5, Place Value Situations, in math this week. The first part of this unit will extend our learning as we work to solve story problems involving teen numbers. Story problems can be confusing so we always follow several steps when solving these problems. After reading the story problem carefully, we check to see if the numbers in the story are partners or a total. We use these numbers in a math mountain or equation and then we solve for the missing number. After we are finished we check to see if our answer makes sense. We have discovered that sharing our thinking in this process is so important. Thank you for continuing to help with your child’s math homework. This practice at home is a great way to strengthen these concepts.

Learning Update

Writing: This week in writing we continued working on our How To writing. We worked on adding text features, using labels, captions, and direction arrows in our pictures to make our steps clear for our readers. We’ve also focused on writing strong introductions and conclusions to begin and end our How To’s. Next week we will edit and fancy our writing, ending the week with a celebration.

Reading: This week we shared our reactions to nonfiction books. These books have taught us so many interesting facts, we just needed to share our thinking and our reactions. Having great discussions about our topics deepened our comprehension and encouraged us to learn even more.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 2.03.28 PM

Math: Our first grade mathematicians studied some LARGE, TWO-DIGIT numbers this week — some of the biggest numbers that we’ve worked with so far this year! We noticed that every 2-digit number has a place to show the tens hiding inside along with a place to show the extra ones.  We also represented these numbers using ten sticks and circles, and wrote an equation to match our work.

Since we were comparing and adding one and two digit numbers, we spent a lot of time counting tens and ones this week. Our first graders learned to count the tens first and then “freeze” before counting up the extra ones. Taking the time to “freeze” is an important strategy that helps our students recognize when it’s time to switch from counting by tens to ones.

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